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Read books of your neighbours instead of wasting money on new books to read once and store forever.

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Community centered book sharing tool

Biblosphere app is designed to serve book reading communities. Like colleges, campuses, book reading circles, literature clubs, or even neighbourhoods or companies. The app gives a convenient way to catalogue your books and keep a track of sharing.

Easy to use.

Take a picture of your bookshelf and enjoy new connections with the likeminded people around you. See the bookcases of your neighbour and contact them in a private chat.


Powered by Google ML (machine learning) app is smart enough to filter unrelated content. Text and image recognition helps you to create your book catalogue with no effort.

Full of fun.

Enjoy browsing your neighbours' bookshelves making friends with the likeminded people and dive into the world of books.


Save money by reading books of your neighbours instead of buying new ones. Earn money by sharing your books.

How Does The App Work?

Sign Up

Download the app and sign up with your Facebook or Google account.


See the bookshelves around you sorted by distance. The closest ones come first. Contact the owner of the books to borrow or rent them.

Add books

Take a picture of your bookshelf in the app. Your neighbours will be able to see your books and contact you.


Once contacted by a neighbour meet her/him to share your books.

App Screenshots

Features are tailor-made for community sharing.

The app is designed to be easy-to-use, convenient and secure for community sharing.

Cloud Based

You can manage your book catalogue and transactions from any device and any location.


Join as a community and enjoy easy way to search and track books. Existing communities benefit most as you already have offline connections and trust.

Image and Text recognition

Powered by Machine Learning the app filters unrelated content, recognize authors and titles to maintain your book catalogue for you.


Geo-location allows you to see nearest books first. Once on travel you'll get an instant access to books of local communities.

Private Chat

There is a built-in chat to facilitate sharing. Express your gratitude and give a feedback on the fantastic books you've read.


Paid subscription is charged from your AppStore or Google Play account. Made it seamless and secure for you.

Domain experts.

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As a founder of the Noble Poetry Club I do understand how difficult it is to find a true lover of poetry and litrature in a modern world of social media. This app looks like a wonderful island inhabited by people who value reading and especially paperback books.

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The essence of the Biblosphere project is not a distributed catalogue of the books, but the community behind these books. You find right people, strike an amazing book, discover how a book influenced the owner, discuss what was the most important catch of a book. You also become a guide to a fascinating literature world to someone else.

Pricing Model For Everyone.

Start with a "Free" plan. It allows you to catalogue your books and borrow up to 2 books at a time. You can maintain wishlist with up to 5 books. Switch to Member Plan for $1.5 per month. And enjoy up to 5 books at a time and 100 books in your wishlist. Patron plan is essentially the same as Member Plan however your generocity gives our team greater support to maintain and improve the application.



  • 2 books at a time
  • 5 books in a wishlist

Patron Plan


Per Month

  • 5 books at a time
  • 100 books in a wishlist

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Check who has published their bookshelves around you and join the move.